Poster Spotlight Session

July 27th, 6:15 6:40

Executive Forum



Poster Session

July 27th, 6:45 8:00

Ballroom I



(01) Information Integration in Perceptual Decision Making

Jared Hotaling, Andrew L. Cohen, Jerome R. Busemeyer, & Richard M. Shiffrin


(02) Monte Carlo Method Solutions for Restless Bandit Problems

Sheng Kung Yi, Mark Steyvers, & Michael Lee


(03) Evidence for a cross-modal interaction between names and faces.

Melissa Lea, Robin Thomas, & Nathan Lamkin


(04) Reevaluating positional gradients in serial recall

Michael Kahana & Alec Solway


(05) Decision making under time pressure: Implications for (dual) process theories

Joseph Johnson


(06) Measures of Architecture and Capacity in Audiovisual Speech Perception

Nicholas Altieri, & James T. Townsend


(07) Bayesian adaptive design optimization for model discrimination

Jay Myung, Yun Tang, & Mark Pitt


(08) KDC Size-Power Analyses for a Hypertext Mental Model Application

Perwaiz Ismaili & Richard Golden


(09) The Effects of Single-Item Properties on Association Learning

Christopher Madan, Mackenzie G. Glaholt, & Jeremy B. Caplan


(10) Associative Interference Makes Memory for Pairs more like Memory for Lists

Mayank Rehani, & Jeremy B. Caplan




(11) Mental travel through space and time: Spatial organization in free recall

Jonathan Miller, Sean M. Polyn, & Michael J. Kahana


(12) Judgments of relative order in short lists: multiple strategies are available, depending on wording of instructions

Michelle Chan & Jeremy B. Caplan


(13) Recency and contiguity in a temporal context model of paired-associate learning

John Burke, Neal Morton, Sean Polyn, & Michael Kahana


(14) Broadband shifts in EEG power spectra are correlated with single-neuron activity in humans

Jeremy Manning, Joshua Jacobs, Itzhak Fried, & Michael J. Kahana


(15) A model of analogical correspondence via electrical resistance

David Landy, & John E. Hummel


(16) Working memory and category learning: Decision bound modeling of individual differences in response strategy

Krista D. Carlson, Robin Thomas, Marci S. DeCaro, & Sian Beilock


(17) The Mathematics of Novelty as the Basis for the Exponential Law of Learning

William Kennedy, & J. Gregory Trafton


(18) Conditional hazard functions: Exploring the predictions of a simple diffusion model

Brian Marks, Ami Eidels, James T. Townsend, & Kan Torii


(19) A Model of Perceptual Alternation during Auditory Bistable Perception

Assal Habibi, Michael D. Lee, & Donald D. Hoffaman


(20) Is the computation of Shannon entropy justified in Norwichs Entropy Theory of Perception (1975-present)?

Lance Nizami


(21) Application of Poisson Interactive Parallel Processing Models to Global-Local Processing in Autism Spectrum Disorders

Leslie Blaha, Joseph W. Houpt, Ami Eidels, &Shannon A. Johnson