Keynote Speakers
We are pleased to announce these world-class invited speakers:

David Kellen (Syracuse University; Estes Early Career Award winner)
Talk Title: Testing Representations in Recognition Memory: From Model Fits to Critical Tests
Abstract: The topic of this talk concerns a long-standing topic in recognition memory, the comparison between discrete, continuous, and “hybrid” modeling accounts of recognition memory. Specifically, I will discuss how this work has traditionally focused on model fits predicated on strong parametric assumptions, and the importance of a shift towards more general, non-parametric approaches. Here, I will show how some classic results in mathematical psychology, such as Falmagne’s proof on the Block-Marschak inequalities provide a testable foundation for the general notion that memory judgments are based on a latent-strength representation. I will report empirical results supporting the Block-Marschak inequalities, but also show the close relationship between different types of memory judgments. Finally, I will discuss how these general results can be complemented by critical tests that allow us exclude certain types of representations. The focus will be placed on critical tests that can reject a general class of threshold models.

Maithilee Kunda (Vanderbilt University)

Jake Hofman (Microsoft Research)