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Math Psych at Psychonomics 2023 Archive

About Math Psych at Psychonomics 2023
The title of this years satellite meeting is: "Causality in minds and machines: Probing the Mathematical and computational foundations"
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This year's Society for Mathematical Psychology satellite meeting with Psychonomics will focus on causality in minds and machines. Causality is the cement of the universe, or at least the cement of our universe. In this workshop, we bring together psychologists, AI researchers, and philosophers of science to exchange perspectives on what this cement is made of, and what it's useful for. We will discuss what role causality plays in our understanding of how minds and machines work, with a focus on comparing mathematical and computational approaches to modeling causal learning and inference.  For more information please see this website:


There's nothing here yet! Stay tuned for updates.

Conference chair

Dr. Elizabeth Fox, Air Force Research Laboratory