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MathPsych / ICCM 2024

About MathPsych / ICCM 2024

Dates: 19-22 July 2024
Venue:  Tilburg University, Cube building  (see the Google Map)
Schedule: tentative overview
Accommodation: see further information

Welcome message

Dear colleagues,

Registration is now open for the 57th Annual Meeting of the Society for Mathematical Psychology (MathPsych) and the 22nd International Conference on Cognitive Modeling (ICCM) at Tilburg University, the Netherlands. This year will feature approximately 200 submitted talks showcasing leading research on mathematical and computational theories of human cognition. In addition, we welcome keynote speakers Prof. Dr. Iris van Rooij, Dr. Iris Groen, 2023 Estes Early Career Award Winner Dr. Greg Cox, and a conversation with the 2023 Senior Fellow Award winner Richard Shiffrin. 

Please register for the conference via the following link

Registration fees are:
  • Regular SMP Member Registration | $450
  • Non-member Registration | $500
  • Trainee Member Registration | $310

Register early for the early bird discount of $50! Early bird registration is available until June 30th, 2024. Registration includes access to all conference sessions. As the conference will take place on the Tilburg University campus, the registration costs include lunch and all coffee breaks.

Conference registration is heavily discounted for registered Society for Mathematical Psychology trainee members. Membership in the Society for Mathematical Psychology can be purchased through your user profile. A trainee membership costs $20 for a 5-year membership. Please allow a few days for your membership to be confirmed so that the adjusted member registration prices will show on your profile.

You are also invited to join the ICCM Society, which allows ICCM to award prizes and engage in advocacy activities. ICCM Society membership can be purchased as a conference registration add-on.

We invite you to join us for the conference dinner at the Restaurant Auberge d' Bonheur on Sunday, 21 July 2024. A registration package including conference registration, and conference dinner is also available for purchase with limited availability. Additional guest tickets are also available upon request.

You may also attend one of the two workshops on 19 July through the registration website. There is no additional cost to attend the workshops. There is no additional cost to attend the workshops. Workshop information and an overall tentative conference schedule is available through the website schedule.

For those who submitted ICCM papers, you can update your contribution based on the reviewers’ suggestions by June 30th for inclusion in the conference proceedings. To update your contribution, go to the  submissions page and click on “Submit your video recording or update your uploaded document here.”

For those of you who need a letter confirming the registration, upon registration, a letter will automatically become available for download in the profile section of the website.

If you have questions, you can contact us at Registrants from developing countries are encouraged to inquire about registration discounts using the same email address. 

For information on accommodation, please consult the venue section.
We look forward to welcoming you to the Tilburg University campus!

- The MathPsych / ICCM  2024 conference organizing committee:
Bruno Nicenboim, Noortje  Venhuizen, Drew Hendrickson, Rosie Mai, Catherine Sebert, Jelmer Borst, and Marco Ragni.


If you plan to attend, it may be good to start thinking about lodging now.  Tilburg city center is busy on the conference dates due to the big Tilburg Kermis fair (, so booking accommodation in advance is strongly recommended.

Here are some possible places:  
Of course, there are also other hotels as well as many Airbnb options available.

Note traveling from Rotterdam to Tilburg (by train) may be an option for those who plan to stay in Rotterdam for CogSci ( ) anyway. Here are travel directions:

Travelling in the Netherlands
- We recommend buying an "Anonymous OV-chipkaart" to travel (see how it works here). These cards can be bought at the airport, large train stations and other places.
Up-to-date information about trains, such as delays or cancellations, can be found in


Friday, 19 July 2024, Workshop day


#1. Reinforcement learning modeling for human choice behavior
Dr. Nitzan Shahar, Mrs. Gili Katabi, Mr. Ido Ben-Artzi, Ms. Maya Marcus, Ms. Shir Elchayani
Reinforcement learning (RL) algorithms have proven to be exceptionally effective in modeling human value-based learning and decision-making behaviors. This workshop offers an in-depth introduction to RL algorithms and their application in modeling human decision-making behaviors. Starting with the fundamentals, participants will learn model-free RL algorithms applied to a multi-armed bandit task. The workshop will then advance to explore two key extensions; (1) hierarchical RL modeling, where a sequence of action is required to complete a goal, and (2) model-based RL modeling where action-values are computed based on mental simulation of possible state transitions. Throughout the workshop, participants will engage in practical, hands-on coding exercises. These will include Bayesian parameter recovery to identify RL agents' parameters using Stan. Additionally, attendees will experience parameter estimation applied to existing human empirical data. The workshop is tailored for a wide audience from those with a basic understanding of programming and statistics to experienced researchers in cognitive modeling seeking to deepen their understanding of basic RL modeling techniques. By the end of the session, participants will have acquired basic theoretical knowledge and practical skills in implementing RL models, setting the stage for further exploration and application of RL in various domains of cognitive science and beyond.

#2. How to publish and evaluate your model
Frank E Ritter
This tutorial draws from a book in process about design patterns in cognitive modeling, tentatively titled Design patterns in modeling and HCI. It will be published by Oxford University Press. “How to publish your model” provides general comments on publishing reports of models and the steps in modeling and simulation. It notes the importance of writing and of the final results. It describes the various types of outputs, including talks and publications. It provides a detailed process for handing the preparation, submission, and revision of a paper reporting a model, particularly about the importance of staying in touch with stakeholders. It also talks about how to present a model as well as providing some advice on how to write a conference paper and a journal article in these areas. “How to evaluate your model” introduces the basic concepts in evaluating a model, which is done after describing the model and its behavior. After debunking the concept of proving a model, this chapter presents the case that you would like to do two fundamental things: show that the model is worth taking seriously, both to yourself and to others, and to know where to improve it. This chapter notes methods and design patterns for doing these two tasks looking at non-numeric, simple, and advanced methods that have been used, using a score card as a way to summarize the fit. It will also address interactions of these tasks with publishing your model.


Women of Mathematical Psychology - Professional Representation for Inclusivity and Minority Empowerment (WOMP-PRIME) Professional Development Symposium
The symposium will include a keynote speaker, followed by a few short presentations, small group activity, and/or panel discussion. The theme will center around self-promotion, with discussion about self-nomination, how to ask others to help nominate, resources/how to search for awards and grants, navigating applications and general submission requirements. More details to come.

Saturday, 20 July 2024, Conference day (starting at 10am)
Sunday, 21 July 2024, Conference day (starting at 10am)
Monday, 22 July 2024, Conference day (starting at 10am)

Tuesday, 23 July 2024,  ACT-R Workshop

The thirty-first annual ACT-R workshop will take place on Tuesday July 23, 2024. The workshop will feature research presentations and panel discussions focusing on the latest ACT-R work and cognitive modeling trends. While in-person attendance is preferred, virtual attendance and recordings of the workshop will be available. Contact if interested in presenting or organizing a session.

Registration Cancellation and Transfer Policies

Cancellation policy. All cancellations must be received in writing. The amount paid less a $25 processing fee will be refunded for cancellations prior to 15 July 2024. Following this date, no refunds will be issued. In the event of a cancellation, administrative fees are assessed, and membership is not refunded.

Transfer policy. There will be a charge of $20 to transfer a registration to another person. Transfer requests must be made by 15 July 2024. Following this date, no transfers will be issued. 

The Society for Mathematical Psychology reserves the right to modify the conference program. 

Requests must be submitted in writing by US Mail or email to the Conference Committee.

Conference chairs

Dr. Leslie Blaha, Air Force Office of Scientific Research
Tim Pleskac, Indiana University
Dr. Catherine Sibert, University of Groningen
Dr. Jelmer Borst, University of Groningen
Marco Ragni, TU Chemnitz
Dr. Bruno Nicenboim, Tilburg University