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Open Space | Cube

Opening Reception
Jul 19 @ 18:30 CEST - Jul 19 @ 20:00 CEST
Public session
MathPsych Posters
Jul 20 @ 17:00 CEST - Jul 20 @ 20:00 CEST
In-person session
Testing different accounts of the contiguity effect: A causal and symmetrical one
Elif Kasgoz, Asli Kilic
Guess what! Assessing the psychological meaning of the Lévy-flight model parameter α
Julia Liss, Katharina Mminele, Max Brede, Veronika Lerche
Reimagining Security with Cyberpsychology Network Defenses (ReSCIND)
Dr. Kimberly Ferguson-Walter
Approximating an Exact Posterior for the Drift-Rate Parameter of a Wiener Process’s First-Passage Time
Dr. Constantin Meyer-Grant
The Contiguity Effect in Probed Recall Task: Increasing the Recall via Overt Rehearsal and Sentence Generation
Karya Ekiz, Deniz Pala, Asli Kilic
Diffusion Models for Conflict Tasks: Revisiting the Revised Diffusion Model for Conflict tasks (RDMC)
Markus Janczyk, Ian Mackenzie, Valentin Koob
Testing Random-Scale Representation in Change Detection Tasks for Visual Working Memory
Ms. Jean Wang, Dr. Henrik Singmann, David Kellen
Fast Likelihood Computation for Attentional Drift Diffusion Models and Beyond
Mr. Sicheng Liu, Dr. Michael Frank, Dr. Matthew Harrison, Alexander Fengler
Utilizing response time assessments of cognitive function: The first step in understanding cancer-related cognitive impairment
Ms. Bryanna Scheuler, Prof. Joe Houpt
Can Variability in Across-Trial Drift Rate be Explained in the Diffusion Decision Model?
Mr. Jie Sun, Dr. Adam Osth, Dr. Daniel Feuerriegel
A Spectrum of Diffusion Models for Hierarchical Control of Attention: From Sequential to Parallel Processing
Dr. Michael Frank, Alexander Fengler, Dr. Matthew Nassar, Mr. An Vo
Bias in Belief Updating: Combining the Bayesian Sampler with Heuristics
Yitong Lin, Jianqiao Zhu, Prof. Adam Sanborn
Modeling Numerical Judgments of Complex Stimuli
Dr. David Izydorczyk, Prof. Arndt Bröder
Quantitatively fitting the Autocorrelated Bayesian Sampler to accuracy, response time and trial-by-trial data
Mr. Yun-Xiao Li, Lucas Castillo, Johanna Falben, Prof. Adam Sanborn
On the appropriate scale of time for psychophysical duration discrimination
Dr. Miguel García-Pérez, Dr. Rocio Alcala-Quintana
The puzzle of order effects in duration discrimination
Dr. Rocio Alcala-Quintana, Dr. Miguel García-Pérez
A two-drift race model of human habits
Ms. Charlotte Collingwood, Prof. Rafal Bogacz
A New Frontiers For Affect Dynamics: The Discrete Markovian Chain Of Affect
Mrs. Francesca Borghesi, Prof. Pietro Cipresso
Associative priming and categorical priming in the word-picture paradigm: A hierarchical diffusion model analysis
Shanqing Gao, Andreas Voss
Investigating the belief bias in everyday political reasoning with linear models and signal detection models
Mr. Calvin Deans- Browne, Dr. Henrik Singmann
Dimensional Effects of Stimuli of Visual Cues on Military Pilots
Erin Silvas, Prof. Joe Houpt
Bayesian methods for dataset-integrated model evaluation of cognitive models: A case of forgetting curves
Ms. Yui Furukawa, Kensuke Okada
Bayesian methods for inference with large datasets
Luis Baroja, Joachim Vandekerckhove
Comparing hypothesis tests using regions of support
Frieder Göppert, Sascha Meyen, Volker Franz
Unraveling Overreaction in Expectations: Leveraging Cognitive Sampling Algorithms in Price Prediction Tasks
Jenny Zhou, Dr. Jian-Qiao Zhu, Jake Spicer, Prof. Adam Sanborn
Statistical Properties of Lens Model Equation Parameters and their Hierarchical Extension
Franziska Leipold, Dr. Martin Schnuerch, Prof. Arndt Bröder
Disentangling memory interference and motivational processes: A non-stationary diffusion/fast-guess mixture model for output interference in recognition memory
Selina Zajdler, Dr. Martin Schnuerch, Mr. Lukas Schumacher
Explaining two kinds of repulsion biases in perception and decision making
Dr. Stella Qian, Nick Chater, Prof. Adam Sanborn, Dr. Jian-Qiao Zhu
Simulation-based inference using deep neural networks: Using BayesFlow for amortized bayesian estimation of the diffusion model for conflict tasks
Simon Schaefer, Jan Göttmann, Anna-Lena Schubert
Modelling probability matching as a Bayesian sampling process
Mr. Chris Tsvetkov, Mr. Haijiang Yan, Prof. Adam Sanborn
Inhibitory Control Deficits in Syndromes Associated with Frontotemporal Lobar Degeneration
Ms. Michelle Naessens, Ms. Emily Todd, Prof. James Rowe, Dr. Alexander Murley, Ms. Rebecca Williams
Change of Mind and Information Seeking in Decision Making
Jiashun Wang, Ms. Sonia Acuna Vargas, Dr. Michael D. Nunez, Chris Donkin
Using a shifted Wald model to assess the influence of cross-modal load on decision-making
Dr. Elizabeth Fox, Mr. Gregory Bowers, Mr. Andrew Manory, Ashley Cook
The asymmetry between symmetry and asymmetry
Ying-yu Chen, Prof. Joe Houpt
Perception of Color Change Given a Set of Stimuli Across Specified Backgrounds
Prof. Joe Houpt, Jocelyn Espinoza
Comparing the impact of medical image classification training on human and machine representations
Eeshan Hasan, Jennifer Trueblood
Amortized stochastic time series models for intervention designs
Ms. Kathleen Medriano, Zita Oravecz, Joachim Vandekerckhove
Response-time extended multinomial processing trees with diffusion-model kernels
Dr. Raphael Hartmann, Dr. Constantin Meyer-Grant, Prof. Christoph Klauer
ASSM: A Python package for Bayesian parameter estimation of attentional sequential sampling models
Amir Hosein Hadian Rasanan, Jorg Rieskamp
dRiftDM: An R package for Fitting Diffusion Models with Time-Dependent Parameters
Valentin Koob, Thomas Richter, Rolf Ulrich, Markus Janczyk
Studying how visual clues affect navigation and mental mapping in Virtual Reality
Farnaz Tehranchi, Mr. Amirreza Bagherzadehkhorasani, Jongchan Pyeon
Social Network Analysis of People Occurring in a Long Series of Dreams
Richard Schweickert, Michael Schredl
ICCM Posters
Jul 20 @ 17:00 CEST - Jan 20 @ 20:00 CET
In-person session
Exploring the Utility of ACT-R models as Psychometric Tools: Estimated RL Learning-rate Predicts Learning Strategy.
Theodros Haile, Chantel Prat, Prof. Andrea Stocco
A simple diffusion-based framework for modelling time-varying changes in task performance and strategy
Mr. Manikya Alister, Dr. Nathan Evans
The crossed random effects drift diffusion model in social cognition research – a simulation study
Ms. Nele Bögemann, Prof. Steffen Nestler
Identifying Transfer Learning in the Reshaping of Inductive Biases
Anna Szekely, Mariann M. Kiss, Karolina Janacsek, Dezső Németh, Gergő Orbán, Balázs Török
Integrating Cognitive Models of Human Perception and Computer Vision Systems
Sean Kennedy, Robert Nowak
Incorporating Cognitive Factors into Models of Speech Motor Control
Valentine Lucquiault, Mr. Thomas Wilschut, Dr. Defne Abur, Dr. Catherine Sibert
Inhibitory Control Deficits in Syndromes Associated with Frontotemporal Lobar Degeneration
Ms. Michelle Naessens, Ms. Rebecca Williams, Dr. Alexander Murley, Ms. Emily Todd, Prof. James Rowe
What makes a model ”fit”? Comparing metrics of model quality in Dynamic Causal Modeling of fMRI data
Sönke Steffen, Dr. Catherine Sibert
Hey Pentti, We Did It!: A Fully Vector-Symbolic Lisp
Eilene Tomkins Flanagan, Dr. Mary Kelly
Predicting learning and retention in a complex task
Prof. David Peebles
Developing and Evaluating a Computational Cognitive Model of Sensorimotor Grounded Action Selection Based on Eye-movement Behavior
Nils Heinrich, Annika Österdiekhoff, Stefan Kopp, Nele Russwinkel
Towards a Comprehensive Summary of the Senses for Cognitive Architectures
Frank E Ritter, Dr. Serhii Serdiuk
Modeling the role of attachment in the development of reciprocity and generosity
Dr. Elpida Tzafestas
A Comparison of Frequency Effects in Two Attitude Retrieval Models
Mark Orr, Christian Lebiere, Don Morrison, Dr. Peter Pirolli
Understanding Human Behavior and Cognitive Model in an Image Labeling Task
Jongchan Pyeon, Farnaz Tehranchi, Mr. Amirreza Bagherzadehkhorasani
Funding opportunities at the NSF
Jul 20 @ 17:00 CEST - Jul 20 @ 20:00 CEST
Public session
Dr. Claudia Gonzalez Vallejo, Program Officer of Decision, Risk and Management Sciences, will be available to discuss funding opportunities at the National Science Foundation.