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Nov 16, 2020

Postdoctoral position in cognitive development & artificial intelligence

Are you interested in building an AI that learns like human children do *OR* in using AI and computational modeling to investigate proposals about the mechanisms of learning & the architecture of the mind? Do you need a postdoctoral position? 

If so, please apply to the open position with Prof. Joshua Hartshorne at Boston College. This position is part of an interdisciplinary project in collaboration with Prof. James Pustejovsky at Brandeis University. We will be prototyping a "virtual toddler" that interacts with an embodied, virtual world. The/a goal is to test recent proposals about how symbolic reasoning, neural networks, and embodied simulations may work together to produce intelligent behavior (the "Best of All Worlds" approach).

The Boston College team will be taking lead on designing and implementing evaluation tasks, drawing on what is known about cognitive development. We will be supported by and working closely with the Brandeis team, which is taking lead on constructing the virtual environment. Both teams will design and implement the virtual toddler.  

The ideal candidate will have a strong, graduate-level preparation in *one of* cognitive development or computational modeling / AI, as well as some foundational knowledge in the other (e.g., a couple graduate courses or prior projects). However, this is an interdisciplinary project, and we will consider candidates with different kinds of preparations if they can make a compelling case for why they would be an asset to the project. 

Initial funding is for 18 months. Extension is possible, contingent on additional funding. Start date is flexible but preferred no later than 6/15/2021. A much earlier start is possible.

Applications received by Dec 1 2020 will receive full consideration. Review will continue until the position is filled.

Learn more about the project at and Learn more about Prof. Hartshorne & his lab at Please direct questions about the application to Wesley Ricketts ( Questions about the project should be directed to Prof. Hartshorne ( 

To apply, fill out the survey (which includes uploading a CV) at the following link:

Joshua K Hartshorne
Assistant Professor
Boston College