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Aug 03, 2022

Postdoc, Ph.D., and lab manager positions at Georgia Tech, Atlanta

Postdoc, Ph.D., and lab manager positions in perceptual decision making 
Positions: 1 postdoc, 2 Ph.D. students, and 1 lab manager
Location: Georgia Tech, Atlanta
Salary: Postdoc salary starts at $54,840; lab manager salary is $37,500
Duration: Postdoc and lab manager positions are for 2 years with the possibility of extension; the typical Ph.D. duration is 5 years 

The positions 

The Perception, Neuroimaging, and Modeling lab (PI: Doby Rahnev, is hiring for multiple positions. The exact research topic is flexible and could include subjects such as investigating the neural or computational bases of perceptual decision making, metacognition, attention, expectation, learning, etc. We are an interdisciplinary team looking to expand in new directions and would welcome applicants from various research backgrounds. If you are passionate about research, have unique skills, and want to do outstanding research, then join us! 

Why you’ll love working with us 

You will receive first-class mentorship that will help you grow as a scientist. You will give and receive monthly feedback, your emails will be answered within 24 hours, and your papers will be returned with comments in less than a week. In the Rahnev lab, you'll have the freedom to conduct studies building on current lab research or develop your own project ideas. Prior lab members now hold postdoc positions at Stanford, NYU, and University College London. Find out more about what you can expect in our Lab Manual ( 

The Rahnev lab has access to exceptional research facilities. The lab space is conveniently located just steps away from a 3T Prisma MRI scanner at the Center for Advanced Brain Imaging. The lab also houses its own TMS equipment and is pioneering the use of concurrent TMS-fMRI that allows TMS to be delivered inside the MRI scanner. In addition, we just received funding to establish a center for neurocognitive enhancement that will feature focused ultrasound stimulation (fUS), high-definition tDCS (HD-tDCS), portable fNIRS, and a variety of tools to measure human physiology. The center will begin operations in Fall 2022 and allow access to state-of-the-art VR equipment. Beyond these facilities, the lab is generously funded by NIH and the Office of Naval Research. 

Georgia Tech and Atlanta 
Georgia Tech has an attractive campus in the heart of Atlanta and is known for its world-class research environment. Atlanta is a large, vibrant, multicultural city with exceptional cultural, culinary, and entertainment opportunities. It is home to the third-highest number of Fortune-500 companies and has lots of trees, parks, and year-round festivals. Atlanta has a reasonable cost of living, especially compared to other large cities in the US, and is a favorite destination for foodies and nature lovers. 

The team 

Supportiveness, Transparency, Integrity, Learning, Inclusiveness. These are the values that define who we are. You will join a close-knit, collaborative team that has forged a supportive, fun, and productive environment. Current team members have expertise in diverse domains such as computational modeling, brain-wide functional connectivity, convolutional neural networks (CNNs), brain stimulation, machine learning, etc. You will also have opportunities for collaborations across several Atlanta-based universities, including Georgia Tech, Emory, and Georgia State. These universities have transformed Atlanta into a leading hub for psychology and neuroscience research. 

What you will achieve here 

Lab manager: You will also be involved in independent research and publish first-author papers. After two years with us, you will have the research experience, skills, and track record to be admitted to top programs in the field. If you love the lab, you could also follow the lead of our current lab manager, who will be joining us as a graduate student in the Fall! 

Ph.D.: You will receive a world-class education and have all resources needed for conducting high-impact research. By the time of graduation, you will have built a track record of publications and a skill set that will allow you to secure a prestigious postdoc position. 

Postdoc: Your mission in the lab will be to make fundamental discoveries related to perceptual decision making and visual metacognition, publish impactful papers that move the field, and be a team player who enhances the lab environment. Along the way, you will acquire the skills and track record for a successful career in both academia and industry. 

How to apply 

Postdoc and lab manager positions 
The postdoc and lab manager positions are available immediately; it is expected that the start date will be in the Fall of 2022. We aspire to maintain our already diverse team and therefore seek applications from qualified individuals from all demographics and backgrounds. To apply, send an email to Doby Rahnev ( that includes (1) your CV, (2) a brief description of your skills and research interests and how they match the directions of the lab, and (3) your desired start date. 

Ph.D. positions 
You would need to apply to the graduate program in Psychology at Georgia Tech and indicate Dr. Rahnev as one of your preferred mentors. The deadline for application is December 1, 2022. For more information, visit