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Jun 13, 2023

Women of MathPsych Travel and Networking Award for MathPsych/ICCM/EMPG 2023

Presenting one’s research at professional meetings such as the Annual Meeting of the Society for Mathematical Psychology is an important way for individuals to become known in the professional community and to develop collaborative relationships with other professionals in the field. Given the relatively short time frame of the tenure period, it is essential that individuals begin to appear at professional meetings early in their careers. Therefore, the purpose of this award is to provide funds for graduate students and postdocs to participate in and network at the 2023 Professional Development Symposium and MathPsych / ICCM / EMPG 2023 Conference, University of Amsterdam, July 18-21, 2023.
Funds are available for up to 10 awards up to 500 euros each.
Applicants must be:
  1. A female scientist, a scientist from a developing country, or a scientist from an underrepresented minority (such as – but not limited to – a person of color, person who identifies as LGBTQ+, person with a disability, person from a low socioeconomic status, person from a minority religious group, or the first person in a family to graduate from college)
  2. A graduate student or postdoctoral fellow
  3. Presenting a talk or poster at the MathPsych/ICCM 2023 Conference
To apply, send the following to the Travel Award Committee:
  1. Evidence of an accepted paper or poster       
  2. A professional development plan. This plan should discuss how attendance at MathPsych will enhance your professional development. The plan should be up to 1 page long.
  3. A current CV
In addition:
The recipient must attend the Professional Development Symposium hosted by the Women of Math Psych to be held on July 18th, 2023 at the University of Amsterdam. Changes to existing registration addons can be made at:
Relevant Dates:
Submit all materials to on or before Friday, June 23rd, 2023.
Awards will be announced by: July 3rd, 2023.
Decisions will be made by the WoMP Travel Awards Committee.
Funding for this program comes from the Dutch Society for Scientific Research (NWO).