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Nov 17, 2020

Australasian Mathematical Psychology Conference (AMPC) 2021

Dear colleagues,

This is the first announcement for the 2021 meeting of the Australasian Mathematical Psychology Conference (AMPC) to be held on February 10-12 in Newcastle, NSW. The conference will take place over two half days and one full day: Wednesday afternoon (10 Feb), all day Thursday (11 Feb), and Friday morning (12 Feb).

We're bringing to AMPC 2021 an innovative 'flipped classroom' approach! All talks will be pre-recorded at regular full length in a similar style to Virtual Math Psych 2020. Then, live at the conference, we will host blitz-style ‘reminder' talks for all presentations. Our aim is to provide opportunity for extended discussion on all talk topics and to facilitate virtual attendance for people who are unable to travel to Newcastle.

Owing to current COVID-19 restrictions, the 2021 meeting requires a different approach to planning than AMPC has taken in the past. We are also currently seeking external funding support to reduce registration costs as much as possible.

If you plan to attend the 2021 meeting in Newcastle can you please reply by email to Guy Hawkins with the following details:
1. Your name, and the names of any students who may also attend.
2. Your estimated likelihood of attending (0-100%). 

Please forward this email to any interested parties who may not receive it via the Oz MP mailing list.

Your response will assist us in organising a venue that adheres to current COVID-19 restrictions. In responding to these two questions, we’re assuming the COVID situation and the associated restrictions remain as they are today. If the situation and restrictions change then we will update you accordingly. 

We look forward to welcoming you at AMPC 2021 in Newcastle! 

Guy, Ami, Scott.