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Nov 17, 2023

Editor-in-Chief Nomination, Journal of Mathematical Psychology

The Society for Mathematical Psychology (SMP) seeks nominations for the position of the Editor-in-Chief (EIC) of the Journal of Mathematical Psychology (JMP, The new EIC will serve a 5-year term.  We expect the candidate to begin working with the current editor in July 2024 and assume the role of EIC in January 2025. Self-nominations are acceptable.
We are looking for the following qualities in an editor for JMP:
  • The Editor should be well-known and respected in the field of mathematical psychology.
  • The Editor should have an established record of scholarship in mathematical psychology.
  • The Editor should have demonstrated editorial experience and skills needed for the position, for example, as an associate editor or editor.
  • The ideal person would be scholarly, knowledgeable, and sensitive and open to new topics and developments in the field.
  • The person must also be a good manager and be able to sustain the level of work required to produce the journal for a period of 5 years. That includes managing a budget, meeting deadlines, and filing reports.
  • A successful Editor must exercise good judgment in selecting consulting editors and reviewers and be able to communicate effectively and sensitively with authors. Skills in conflict resolution are highly desirable.
  • Editors are expected to maintain the highest ethical standards with respect to scientific publication.
Nomination should include a brief justification for the nomination, a curriculum vitae, and a statement from the nominated that they approve of the nomination.
After reviewing the initial nominations, a short list of candidates will be invited to submit:
  1. A statement describing one's vision for JMP.
  2. A letter of recommendation.
Nominations should be submitted via this Qualtrics link:

The deadline for applications is December 15, 2023.

The Society for Mathematical Psychology (SMP) is committed to the highest standards of diversity, equity, inclusion, and the free expression of ideas in all aspects of our activities, including in this selection process. A search committee will evaluate candidates and make its recommendation to the SMP Executive Board for confirmation. For more information about JMP and the application process, prospective applicants are welcome to contact Joe Houpt (, chair of the search committee, or anyone on the committee (Jerome Busemeyer, Dora Matzke, Richard Schweickert, Philip Smith and Ex-Officio non-voting members Adele Diederich (current EIC) and Tim Pleskac (current President of SMP).