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Amortized Bayesian Inference for Models of Cognition
Mr. Stefan Radev
Andreas Voss
Eva Marie Wieschen
Paul-Christian Bürkner
A Distributed Spiking Neuron Model of Attention in the Stroop Task
Ms. Emilie Elizabeth Caron
Terry Stewart
Neurally-informed modelling of static and dynamic decision biases
Ms. L. Alexandra Martinez Rodriguez
Elaine A. Corbett
Redmond G. O'Connell
Simon P. Kelly
Cognitive Saliency of Features in Cyber-attacker Decision Making
Dr. Edward Cranford
Sterling Somers
Konstantinos Mitsopoulos
Christian Lebiere
Connecting Biological Detail with Neural Computation: Application to the Cerebellar Granule-Golgi Microcircuit
Mr. Andreas Stöckel
Terry Stewart
Chris Eliasmith