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Poster Session

Exploring end-point use and identifying predictors of overall ratings in student evaluations of teaching (SETs)
Karyssa Courey
Michael Lee
Using system factorial technology to study the effect of aerobic exercise on young adults’ attentional control
Hao-Lun Fu
Chun-Hao Wang
Prof. Cheng-Ta Yang
Exploring word memorability: How well do different word properties explain item free-recall probability?
Christopher Madan
Intentional binding: unintentional artifact?
Laura Saad
Julien Musolino
Prof. Pernille Hemmer
Semantic Organization of Characteristics in Natural and Supernatural Concepts
Dr. Joseph Sommer
Julien Musolino
Prof. Pernille Hemmer
Representing ordered associations in symmetric models of memory
Jeremy Thomas
Jeremy B. Caplan
Choices, challenges, and constraints: a pragmatic examination of the limits of mental age matching in empirical research
Jack H. Wilson
Natalie Russo
Elizabeth Kaplan
Amy H. Criss
Jake Burack
Task context affects the group decision efficiency
Peng-Fei Zhu
Cheng Ju Hsieh
Prof. Cheng-Ta Yang