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How personalization guides (or distorts) learning: A model-based explanation
Giwon Bahg
Mr. Matthew Galdo
Ryan Day
Vladimir Sloutsky
Dr. Brandon Turner
Testing a learning and retention theory with a complex task with 3- to 14-day retention intervals
Sarah Ricupero
Mr. Jacob Oury
Dr. Martin K.-C. Yeh
Farnaz Tehranchi
Ashley McDermott
Dr. Peter Weyhrauch
Mr. William Norsworthy
Frank E Ritter
Network analysis of emerging vocabularies reveals different developmental trajectories in children with autism spectrum disorders
Stan West
Dr. Eileen Haebig
Dr. Chris Cox
Functional generalization and asymmetric learning in a feature-based bandit task
Prof. Maarten Speekenbrink
Common mechanisms for between- and within-trial learning dynamics
Dr. Emily Weichart
Mr. Matthew Galdo
Vladimir Sloutsky
Dr. Brandon Turner
Contrasting mechanisms of depression by means of cognitive tasks and computational models
Mr. Anmol Gupta
Dr. Marieke Van Vugt