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Decision making

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Modelling appetitive-disinhibition in modified stop-signal task: A computational model of associative memory initiated going (disinhibition) system
Ms. Akira Banerjee
Applying signal detection theory to evaluate bias in expert and novice predictions for NFL games
Lauren Montgomery
Michael Lee
Gaze dynamics in many-option choice
Wenjia Joyce Zhao
Dr. Armin Thomas
Dr. Sudeep Bhatia
Prof. Ian Krajbich
A sequential sampling account of semantic relatedness decisions
Mr. Peter Maximilian Kraemer
Sebastian Gluth
Dr. Dirk Wulff
The Race Levy Flight Model: Jumping in multi-alternative decisions
Amir Hosein Hadian Rasanan
Dr. Jamal Amani Rad
Dr. Nathan J Evans
Dr. Amin Padash
Not great, not terrible: A reward “landscape” analysis of time-varying decision thresholds
Mr. Erik Stuchlý
Casimir Ludwig
Gaurav Malhotra