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Model construction

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How many instances come to mind when making probability estimates?
Dr. Joakim Sundh
Dr. Jian-Qiao Zhu
Nick Chater
Prof. Adam Sanborn
Differentiating dreams from wakefulness by automatic content analysis and support vector
Ms. Xiaofang Zheng
Richard Schweickert
Blind Man's Bluff: Formalizing theory-of-mind reasoning in a classic model of common knowledge
Noah Burrell
Prof. Jun Zhang
Fast and flexible: Human program induction in abstract reasoning tasks
Aysja Johnson
Todd Gureckis
Wai Keen Vong
Brenden Lake
Explaining away differences in face matching
Necdet Gurkan
Jordan W. Suchow
Instance-based cognitive modeling: a machine learning perspective
Konstantinos Mitsopoulos
Sterling Somers
Christian Lebiere