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Attention and perception

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Stronger attentional biases can be linked to higher reward rate in preferential choice
Dr. Veronika Zilker
A scaling study of novel auditory stimuli for creating artificial events
Nathan Gillespie
Dr. Greg Cox
The effects of personalization on category learning: An empirical investigation
Giwon Bahg
Ryan Day
Mr. Matthew Galdo
Vladimir Sloutsky
Dr. Brandon Turner
The effects of value and probability on the utilization of the perceptual decision strategy
Ching Hui Chung
Hao-Lun Fu
Prof. Cheng-Ta Yang
Holistic processing for Chinese characters and English words
Hanshu Zhang
Prof. Joe Houpt
Prof. Cheng-Ta Yang
Modular serial-parallel network for hierarchical facial representations
Mario Fific
Daniel R. Little
Prof. Cheng-Ta Yang