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Fast talk session

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Effects of parameter prior variation on posterior distribution response times for an Item Response Theory diffusion model
Mr. Ritesh Malaiya
Does memory noise follow Weber’s Law? An investigation in one temporal binding dataset
Laura Saad
Julien Musolino
Prof. Pernille Hemmer
A comparison of retrofitting multiple knowledge structures to a cognitive diagnostic assessment
Ms. Evelyn Le
Mr. Ashwin Somasundaram
Mr. Ritesh Malaiya
Prof. Richard Golden
Testing the KRK predictions: Testing knowledge too much leads to learning
Sarah Ricupero
Frank E Ritter
Ashley McDermott
Mr. Jacob Oury
Deja Workman
Categorization with multiple items: Empirical and modeling results
Sean Conway
Andrew Cohen
Modeling asymmetric human exploratory choice behavior across the gain and loss domains
Alexandra Ortmann
Christian Luhmann
What is more democratic, a stone or a feather? Predicting nonsensical choices using high-dimensional vector representations obtained from a semantic space model
Dr. David Izydorczyk
Prof. Arndt Bröder
How to know what you should know: Implications of the choice of prior distribution on the behavior of adaptive design optimization
Sabina J. Sloman
Daniel Cavagnaro
Stephen Broomell
Daniel Oppenheimer
Keep your eyes on the sky: task prioritisation under high workload in aviation
Dr. Alexander Thorpe
Using the association rule mining in psychological research: A case study of trauma data
Dr. Hojjatollah Farahani
Dr. Marija Blagojević
Dr. Parviz Azadfallah
Dr. Piotr Oles
Separating the roles of orthographic and semantic information in the neural correlates of evidence accumulation for lexical decision-making
Hang Yang
Dr. Marieke Van Vugt
Analogical transfer in multi-attribute decision making
Jun Fang
Lael Schooler
Determining natural prototypes with a mathematical theory of subjective information
Ronaldo Vigo
Mr. Jay Wimsatt
Charles Doan
Ms. Abigail Sedziol
Mr. Raghvendra Yadav
Mr. Cody Ross
Extending signal detection theory to the analysis of generalization and other tasks using continuous responses to multiple items
Fabian Soto
matstanlib: A MATLAB library for visualization, processing, and analysis of output from Bayesian models in Stan
Dr. Beth Baribault
Capacity predictions of nested architectures: application to visual perception across the hemispheres
Allan Collins
Gaojie Fan
Ms. Peyton Corbi
Robin D. Thomas