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Women of MathPsych Professional Development Symposium

The topic for this year's symposium is responsible supervision and managing lab dynamics. We want to discuss what good supervision looks like, mentoring styles, how group dynamics in the lab play out, and possible interactions between mentoring and cultural differences. In the first part of the symposium, we receive input from a researcher in the field of responsible supervision, Dr. Tamarinde Haven. Based on her expert input, we will continue with a panel discussion on lab dynamics and supervision with researchers from mathematical psychology from different (academic) cultural backgrounds and career stages. We will then open the discussion to include all symposium participants in smaller groups. We hope the session will lead to an exchange of experiences and advice. The WoMP Professional Development Symposium is open to all registered conference attendees, regardless of career stage. Plan: Talk on responsible supervision by Dr. Tamarinde Haven (14:00 - 14:45); Discussion (14:45 - 15:00); Break (15:00 - 15:20); Panel discussion on managing lab dynamics with a special focus on supervision and cultural differences (15:20 - 15:50); Group discussions on responsible supervision and lab dynamics (15:50 - 17:30)
Talk on responsible supervision (Dr. Tamarinde Haven)