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Posters: Statistics & Bayesian Models

Type I error rates for ANOVA, GLM, and GLMM for binary outcomes when simulating from binomial logistic model and Ratcliff diffusion model
Ms. Yiming Wang
Ms. Ruslana Tymchyk
Dr. Henrik Singmann
Bayesian-frequentist p-values: The best of both worlds
Ms. Megan Oh
Dr. Henrik Singmann
Mr. Max Maier
Quantitatively fitting the Autocorrelated Bayesian Sampler to accuracy and response time data
Mr. Yun-Xiao Li
Lucas Castillo
Johanna Falben
Prof. Adam Sanborn
Markov-switching models enable precise recovery of cognitive events from trial-level pupil dilation time courses
Joshua Krause
Dr. Jelmer Borst
Jacolien van Rij
Cross-modal matching and internal references
Katharina Naumann
Juergen Heller
Error analysis and error modeling
Shan Wang
Frank E Ritter
Contiguity Effect Is Asymmetric Across Pairs, How About Within?
Tuba Hato
Asli Kilic
Estimating multilevel signal detection theory models using maximum likelihood
Marie Jakob
Dr. Raphael Hartmann
Prof. Christoph Klauer