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Symposium: Deterministic and Probabilistic Models of Choice

Identifying context effect sweet spots: There’s an app for that!
Daniel Cavagnaro
Elizabeth Pettit
Ms. Yu Huang
Joe Johnson
Michel Regenwetter
Random ordering models and flow polytopes
Jean-Paul Doignon
Kota Saito
If You Only Saw What I Saw: Modeling Heterogeneous Experiences and the Description-Experience Gap
Mr. James Adaryukov
Daniel Cavagnaro
Tim Pleskac
Michel Regenwetter
(Ir)rationality of Moral Judgment
Michel Regenwetter
Ms. Brittney Currie
Ms. Yu Huang
Dr. Bart Smeulders
Ms. Anna Carlson
Linear extensions of a partial order and NaP preferences
Reinhard Suck
Improving Research Replicability with an Easy-to-Use App for Creating and Evaluating Deterministic and Probabilistic Models of Binary Choice
Dr. Marc Jekel
Ms. Meichai Chen
Ms. Emily Line
Michel Regenwetter