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Probability & Randomness Judgement

Modelling speeded random generation as sampling for inference
Lucas Castillo
Pablo Leon Villagra
Nick Chater
Prof. Adam Sanborn
How do people predict a random walk? Lessons for models of human cognition
Jake Spicer
Dr. Jian-Qiao Zhu
Nick Chater
Prof. Adam Sanborn
Investigating the symmetry of human probability judgment biases
Mr. Aidan Tee
Dr. Joakim Sundh
Nick Chater
Prof. Adam Sanborn
Measuring polarization of risk perceptions
Olivia Fischer
Prof. Renato Frey
Get’cha Head in the Game: Testing Context Effects for Naturalistic Stimuli in Basketball
Jun Fang
Xiaohong Cai
Mr. James Adaryukov
Tim Pleskac