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Bias, Beliefs, & Errors

Cognitive Models for Human Error Generation and Detection
Farnaz Tehranchi
Mr. Amirreza Bagherzadehkhorasani
Improving machine learning model calibration using probabilistic labels obtained via wisdom of the crowd
Mr. Gunnar Epping
Jennifer Trueblood
Prof. Bill Holmes
Daniel Martin
Andrew Caplin
Measuring processing biases in balanced argument experiments
Dr. Sven Banisch
Dr. Hawal Shamon
The Causal Effect of Anxiety on Jumping-to-Conclusion Bias
Ms. Nicole Tan
Dr. Yiyun Shou
Dr. Junwen Chen
Bruce Christensen
Towards Theory Integration: Connecting Hindsight Bias and Seeding Effects
Dr. Julia Groß
Barbara Kreis
Dr. Hartmut Blank
Thorsten Pachur