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Evidence-Accumulation Models: Applications II

To simulate or not: the mechanistic underpinnings of predicting the decisions of other people
Mr. Erik Stuchlý
Dr. Sophie Bavard
Sebastian Gluth
Do not make decisions on an empty stomach: the impact of hunger state on attention and dietary choice processes
Sebastian Gluth
Jennifer March
A discrete mixture decision field theory model for capturing preference and decision process heterogeneity in health choices.
Dr. Thomas Hancock
Dr. John Buckell
Understanding the dynamics of serial dietary decisions through the lens of sequential sampling modeling
Sebastian Gluth
Barbara Oberbauer
Jennifer March
Drift diffusion model-informed EEG and dynamical systems to uncover the mechanisms of depressive thinking and decision making
Mr. Hang Yang
Dr. Marieke Van Vugt
Prof. Hamidreza Jamalabadi