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Posters: Decision Making & Evidence-Accumulation Models

On the consistency and relative efficiency of a generalized Robbins-Monro process for threshold estimation
Dr. Yung-Fong Hsu
Hau-Hung Yang
The role of task-relevant and task-irrelevant information in congruency sequence effects: Applying the diffusion model for conflict tasks
Valentin Koob
Ian Mackenzie
Rolf Ulrich
Hartmut Leuthold
Markus Janczyk
How expectations influence scene gist recognition: A diffusion model analysis.
Andreas Voss
Shanqing Gao
Exploring the Feasibility of Across-Trial Variability in Boundary Separation
Kianté Fernandez
Dr. Blair Shevlin
Roger Ratcliff
Prof. Ian Krajbich
Quantum Zeno effect in decision-making: time delay and no information about previous responses reduce coherence
Axel Perini
Giorgio Gronchi
Franco Bagnoli
Maria Pia Viggiano
The Effects of Non-Diagnostic Information on Confidence and Decision Making.
Dr. Amelia Kohl
Can self-generated choice options result in reduced choice satisfaction?
Marc-Lluís Vives
Pablo Leon Villagra
Seeing What You Believe: Cognitive Mechanisms of Flexible Integration of Priors in Visual Decisions
Ms. Gabriela Iwama
Dr. Randolph Helfrich
Comparing Amortized to MCMC-based Bayesian Inference for Cognitive Models of the Stop-Signal Paradigm
Leonhard Volz
Dr. Dora Matzke
Dr. Michael D. Nunez
Prof. Andrew Heathcote
Towards utilizing evidence accumulation models in applied settings – using informative prior distributions to decrease sample size demands
Mr. Dominik Bachmann
Leendert Van Maanen