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Posters: Perception, Cognition, Memory, Neuroscience, Language

Cascading transitions in multistable perception and cognition
Ms. Pelin Özsezer
Prof. Han van der Maas
Dr. Michael D. Nunez
Cognitive and neural underpinnings of cognitive control in the Dot-Pattern Expectancy Task.
José García Alanis
Integrated information to predict consciousness state - An exploratory analysis
Giorgio Gronchi
Marco Raglianti
Alessandro Lazzeri
Fabio Giovannelli
Maria Pia Viggiano
Using multidimensional scaling and convolutional neural networks to probe mental representations of complex images
Mengfan Zhang
Dominik Pegler
Prof. Frank Scharnowski
Dr. Filip Melinscak
Leveraging large-scale brain connectivity data to explore and expand the common model of cognition
Sönke Steffen
Dr. Catherine Sibert
Modelling the Effects of Working Memory Demands on Accuracy Rates of Relational Reasoning Problems
Nico Turcas
Connecting the sample size of mental sampling with working memory capacity
Tong Liu
Prof. Arndt Bröder
About cross-modal commutativity in magnitude production
Ina Kohler
Juergen Heller
Modelling the role of Hanja in the Korean mental lexicon: A second tier of spreading activation
Dr. Stephen Mark Jones
Dr. Yoolim Kim