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Posters: AI & ACT-R

The Comparison of Operating System Timing Performances in Interval Timing Study Using the AGI
Behiye Sahin
Sonay Duman
Using ACT-R to model racial biases in a semantic knowledge graph
Deja Workman
Chris Dancy
Modeling A Human-AI Cooperation Task In ACT-R
Chris Dancy
Tanishca Sanjay Dwivedi
An ACT-R Observer Model for Anticipatory Assistive Robots
Dr. Chenxu Hao
Mr. Colin Halupczok
Dr. Winfried Ilg
Dr. Daniel Haeufle
Dr. Philipp Beckerle
Prof. Nele Russwinkel
Comparing Capacity Estimates for Genuinely No-signal vs Target Absent in Systems Factorial Technology
Allan Collins
Gaojie Fan
Ms. Peyton Corbi
Robin D. Thomas
GPT-Jass : A Text-to-model Pipeline for ACT-R Models
Dr. Anthony Harrison
Greg Trafton
Laura Hiatt
Embodied communication model in ACT-R based robot
Mr. Jumpei Nishikawa
Mr. Kosuke Sasaki
Prof. Junya Morita
Mr. Alexis Meneses
Dr. Kazuki Sakai
Prof. Yuichiro Yoshikawa