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Posters: Applied & Meta-Science

Cognitive Modelling of Intention Recognition in Cocktail Mixing
Linda Heimisch
Nele Russwinkel
Mrs. Janice Jansen
How do doctors use the quantitative and quantitative probability language to communicate the chances of pregnancy in fertility treatment contexts.
Richard Morey
Prof. Jacky Boivin
Ms. Sky Jiawen-Liu
Researcher diversity, equity, and inclusion: A critical blind spot of the computational modeling movement within psychological science
Carly Lasagna
Dr. Ivy Tso
Ms. Riya Gaitonde
Mr. Arjun Batra
Tim Pleskac
Towards a formal model of addiction in individuals
Jesse Boot
Playing with Memory: Working Memory Development in Primary School
Şeyma Nur Ertekin
Dr. Abe Hofman
Prof. Julia Haaf
Modeling memory impairments in cancer survivors: Impaired retrieval processes
Mr. Ruben Potthoff
Prof. Sanne Schagen
Dr. Joost Agelink van Rentergem
Predicting Human Interleaving Time in Semi-Automated Vehicles
Dr. Chris Janssen
Mr. Leonard Praetorius
Dr. Jelmer Borst
Using cognitive models to test interventions against mind-wandering during driving
Moritz Held
Andreea Minculescu
Prof. Jochem Rieger
Dr. Jelmer Borst
A Structural Model of Existential Certainty and Relativistic Beliefs Predicting Peer Competence of Stimulant Users
Dr. Ariel Mosley