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Posters: Experimental Design & Tasks

Assessing Subject Parameter Recovery in Extended Encoding and Updating M3 Models: Implications for Experimental Design
Dr. Gidon Frischkorn
Klaus Oberauer
Anna-Lena Schubert
Jan Göttmann
Careless responses in questionnaire data: A knowledge structure perspective on the detection performance
Alice Maurer
Juergen Heller
Risky choices with potentially ‘fatal’ outcomes: Introducing the Extinction Gambling Task
Mr. Max Maier
David Kellen
Prof. Adam Harris
Dr. Henrik Singmann
Bayesian hierarchical Ornstein-Uhlenbeck models for intervention designs
Ms. Kathleen Medriano
Zita Oravecz
Joachim Vandekerckhove
Modeling strategy differences in a complex fault-finding task
Shan Wang
Frank E Ritter