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Optimal Experimental Design

An Introduction to Optimal Experimental Design
Prof. Jay I. Myung
Mark Pitt
Automating experiments with neural information estimators
Prof. Noah Goodman
Neuroadaptive Bayesian optimization for cognitive neuroscientists
Dr. Romy Lorenz
Optimizing associative learning experiments
Dr. Filip Melinscak
Dominik R. Bach
Dynamic tracking and adaptive optimal training of decision-making behavior
Ji Hyun Bak
Toward rapid, precise, and reliable computational markers of addictive behaviors using adaptive design optimization and digital phenotyping
Prof. Woo-Young Ahn
Jaeyeong Yang
Mark Pitt
Prof. Jay I. Myung
The Contrast Sensitivity Function: From Laboratory to Clinic
Prof. Zhong-Lin Lu
Active experiment design in crowdsourced experiments
Jordan W. Suchow