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Optimality in Choice

A model of target position effects in a sequential lineup.
Prof. John Dunn
Matthew Kaesler
Dr. Carolyn Semmler
Response time models separate single- and dual-process accounts of memory-based decisions
Mr. Peter Maximilian Kraemer
Dr. Laura Fontanesi
Mikhail Spektor
Sebastian Gluth
Single vs. dual process theories of reasoning in a Bayesian signal detection theory framework
Nicole Cruz
Prof. Brett Hayes
Dr. Rachel Stephens
Prof. John Dunn
Michael Lee
A solution to the feature binding problem for risky choice
Dr. Lisheng He
Dr. Sudeep Bhatia
Anxiety modulates preference for immediate rewards among trait-impulsive individuals: A decision theory and hierarchical Bayesian analysis
Dr. Nathaniel Haines
Theodore Beauchaine
Mr. Matthew Galdo
Andrew Rogers
Hunter Hahn
Mark Pitt
Prof. Jay I. Myung
Dr. Brandon Turner
Prof. Woo-Young Ahn