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Using parameter contours to achieve more robust model estimation
Sabina J. Sloman
Stephen Broomell
Daniel Oppenheimer
A hierarchical Bayesian model for the progressive ratio test
Yiyang Chen
Nicholas Breitborde
Mario Peruggia
Trisha Van Zandt
A robust Bayesian test for context effects in multi-attribute decision making
Dimitris Katsimpokis
Dr. Laura Fontanesi
Jorg Rieskamp
stanova: User-Friendly Interface and Summaries for Bayesian Statistical Models Estimated with Stan
Dr. Henrik Singmann
Prior predictive entropy as a measure of model complexity
J. Manuel Villarreal
Michael Lee
Alexander John Etz
Lord's Paradox: An essay on causal inference
Dr. Rich Shiffrin
How useful is posterior-predictive model assessment: Insights from ordinal constraints
Prof. Julia Haaf
Dr. Jeffrey Rouder