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Reaction Time Models

A circular diffusion model of continuous-outcome source memory retrieval
Mr. Jason Zhou
Dr. Adam Osth
Simon D. Lilburn
Philip Smith
The timed racing diffusion model of decision making
Guy Hawkins
Prof. Andrew Heathcote
An extension of the LBA-IRT model to multidimensional multiple-alternative forced-choice personality measurement with response times
Kyosuke Bunji
Kensuke Okada
fMTP: A unifying computational framework of temporal preparation across time scales
Mr. Josh Manu Salet
Wouter Kruijne
Sander Los
Hedderik van Rijn
Martijn Meeter
Degenerate optimal boundaries for multiple-alternative decision making
Sophie-Anne Helen Baker
Dr. Thom John Owen Griffith
Nathan Lepora
The Trail Making Test: a simple model based on an eye-tracking study
Gustavo Gasaneo
Adrian Gandica
Dr. Jessica Del Punta