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Virtual MathPsych/ICCM 2022 Archive

About Virtual MathPsych/ICCM 2022

Due to the popularity of the online format of the previous years, the 2022 edition of the annual joint meeting of the Society for Mathematical Psychology and the International Conference on Cognitive Modeling will be split into two completely separate events: a virtual conference followed by an in-person conference.

This is the page for Virtual MathPsych/ICCM 2022.  Click here to visit the page for In-Person MathPsych/ICCM 2022.

Virtual MathPsych/ICCM 2022 (VMP 2022) will be a fully online conference, with interactive components running between July 11 and July 15, 2022.  VMP 2022 will be hosted fully on

Much of the conference will be and remain visible to the public for non-interactive viewing. Certain research presentations and recordings of live sessions will be accessible to registered participants only. Visitors are invited to peruse the Conference Guide.

Conference chairs

Joachim Vandekerckhove, University of California, Irvine
Terry Stewart, National Research Council of Canada
David Kellen, Syracuse University