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From knowledge graph to cognitive model: a method for identifying task skills

Ivana Akrum
TNO ~ Human Factors Soesterberg
Dr. Niels Taatgen
University of Groningen ~ Artificial Intelligence

When we learn new tasks, rather than starting from scratch, we often reuse skills that we have learned previously. By integrating these previously learned skills in a new way, we can learn how to do new tasks with little effort. In this research, we test a method aimed at identifying the skills reused between tasks. More specifically, we use a knowledge graph as a tool for identifying reused skills. From this knowledge graph, we built a cognitive model that shows how the identified skills can be integrated to solve a new task. The final cognitive model can successfully solve a variety of related but distinct tasks. This shows it is possible to use knowledge graphs to identify the skills reused between tasks. This ability may benefit how we approach learning. Knowing, in advance, the skills needed to successfully complete a new task may allow us to learn said task in an easier, more focused manner.



cognitive modelling
knowledge graph
skill transfer
cognitive tutors

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Akrum, I. D., & Taatgen, N. (2023, July). From knowledge graph to cognitive model: a method for identifying task skills. Paper presented at MathPsych/ICCM/EMPG 2023. Via