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Integrated Model of Fatigue and C-17 Approach and Landing Operations

Dr. Bella Veksler
Tier1 Performance Solutions
Dr. Megan Brianne Morris
Air Force Research Laboratory
Michael Krusmark
Dr. Glenn Gunzelmann
U.S. Air Force Research Laboratory ~ Airman Systems Directorate

Fatigue is a common occurrence in several occupational fields, often resulting in operator performance and health issues. Biomathematical models of fatigue have become useful tools in several fatigue risk management programs. However, these tools still have limitations in terms of identifying specific performance outcomes affected by fatigue, as well as individualizing fatigue estimates to individual operators. The integration of computational cognitive models and biomathematical models can help solve these issues in a complex operational context. The current effort aims to develop an integrated model of fatigue in the context of C-17 approach and landing operations. Specifically, we integrate a biomathematical fatigue model with a task network model to estimate performance degradation due to fatigue. The following paper outlines the development of the task network model and integration with the biomathematical fatigue model.

interactive model? Last updated 5 months ago

very nice talk! I find fatigue an interesting topic, and I was wondering whether this model can be used interactively: so the model makes a temporary estimation of the pilot's fatigue state, and then this is shown to the system, which may then take over some tasks from the operator, which will then influence how the model assesses the pilot etc in ...

Marieke Van Vugt 1 comment
Link to the paper Last updated 5 months ago

Here's a link to the paper: It should be posted above shortly -- sorry it took so long to get it here!

Terry Stewart 1 comment