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Cognitive Twin: A Cognitive Approach to Personalized Assistants

Sterling Somers
Carnegie Mellon University ~ Psychology
Alessandro Oltramari
Bosch Research and Technology Center
Christian Lebiere
Department of Psychology, Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, PA 15213 USA

This paper presents an analysis of a cognitive twin, implemented in a cognitive architecture. The cognitive twin is intended to be a personal assistant that learns to make decisions from your past behavior. In this proof-of-concept case, we have the cognitive twin select attendees to a party, based upon what it has learned (through ratings) about an agent's social network. We evaluate two versions of a model with respect to rate of change in the social network, the noise in the rating data, and the sparsity of the data.

relating it to the real world Last updated 5 months ago

Hi Sterling, Interesting model! I was wondering whether you have any thoughts on how you could relate this model to real-world data. For example, could it be tested by looking at the changes in Facebook friends over time? And could this model potentially predict COVID-19 transmission over time (especially when different kinds of network ties are ...

Marieke Van Vugt 1 comment