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A MPT model for measuring the memory of order

Dr. Richard Chechile
Tufts University ~ Psychology
Giulia Pintea
Tufts University, United States of America

An event in memory has many, qualitatively different, attributes. Besides the informational content, such as which word was presented on a list at a given time, there is also information about the temporal and ordinal properties of the event relative to other events. A MPT model is provided for measuring four different states for the memory of the order of any arbitrary event. The statistical properties of the model are described in this paper. In addition, the results from three experiments are provided. The experimental evidence shows that item knowledge is quickly acquired whereas the corresponding acquisition of ordinal information takes many more training trials.



MPT modeling
order versus content memory


Cognitive Modeling
Memory Models

Although this question is not directly connected to the current paper, my answer would be based on my previous work with Lara Sloboda (see Chechile & Sloboda, 2014, JMP). We posited that learning in general, which would include serial learning, can be modeled with a Weibull learning equation, Prob. correct P_m = 1 - exp(-a m^c) where a and c are pa...

Dr. Richard Chechile 0 comments

Thank you for the research and interesting results. I have a question that is somewhat related to memory of sequences. Do you know of any research done on how many (R) times one has to practice / repeat a sequence of N items before one can remember it. And how is R related to the number of items in the sequence N. For example how many repetition ...

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