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Replication and theory, theory and replication

Richard Morey
Cardiff University

The psychological sciences are described as being in crisis. The source of this crisis is hotly debated, but it is most often described as a crisis of replication. Culture of psychological science (eg Nosek & Bar-Anan, 2012), statistical practice (eg Benjamin et al, 2018), effects-centric thinking (Broers, 2021) and flexible theory (Szollosi & Donkin, 2021) have all been implicated. That there is a crisis - and that it, in some sense, is a crisis of (un)replicability - is accepted by most commentators. The same issues were faced by chemists as it developed from alchemy. Although highly replicable now, chemistry was not – and could not be – as reliable before theory was developed that defined experimental success (Boyle, 1668). Parts of psychological science are in a similar situation.


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