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at the Toronto Downtown Centre

Jul 24 @ 09:00 EDT - Jul 24 @ 10:20 EDT
In-person session
AI-assisted decision-making: a cognitive modeling approach to infer latent reliance strategies
Prof. Mark Steyvers, Ms. Aakriti Kumar, Helio Tejeda Lemus, Padhraic Smyth
Cultural Consensus Theory for two-dimensional location judgments
Daniel W. Heck, Maren Mayer
Applying cognitive models to wisdom of crowds with spatial knowledge extension
Lauren Montgomery, Michael Lee
Jul 24 @ 10:40 EDT - Jul 24 @ 12:00 EDT
In-person session
Reconciling categorization and memory via environmental statistics
Arjun Devraj, Thomas L. Griffiths, Qiong Zhang
Fixation-gated encoding accounts for attention biases during recognition and categorization
Dr. Emily Weichart, Dr. Layla Unger, Vladimir Sloutsky, Dr. Brandon Turner
How does source independence influence persuasiveness, and why?
Mr. Manikya Alister, Keith Ransom, Andrew Perfors
Jul 24 @ 15:40 EDT - Jul 24 @ 17:00 EDT
In-person session
Implementing online strategy and change detection algorithms in cognitive models using sequential Monte Carlo sampling for use In autonomous systems
Mr. Michael Collins, Michael Lee, Dr. Alexander Hough, Mr. Sean Kennedy, Dr. Jayde King
Denoising and debiasing medical image decisions using representational smoothening
Eeshan Hasan, Jennifer Trueblood
A theory driven joint model of delusion proneness for two popular delusion measuring tasks
Ricardo J. Romeu-Kelly
Jul 25 @ 09:00 EDT - Jul 25 @ 10:20 EDT
In-person session
Forming numerosity representations: A theory of selective sampling
Dr. Yonatan Vanunu, Roger Ratcliff
When alternative hypotheses shape your beliefs: Context effects in probability judgments
Xiaohong Cai, Tim Pleskac
Testing sampling-based models of probability judgments with an event ranking task
Tong Liu, Prof. Arndt Bröder, Dr. Henrik Singmann
Information sampling biases during the accumulation of qualitative evidence
Dr. Peter Kvam, Abhay Alaukik
Jul 25 @ 10:40 EDT - Jul 25 @ 12:00 EDT
In-person session
Solving the problem of error in measurement theory: A procedure for testing the general linear model under monotonicity.
Prof. John Dunn
Uniting Fechner and Stevens
Stephen Link
Measurement theory sans Archimedes or order, with applications to logic, probability, and choice
Dr. Arthur Paul Pedersen, Dr. Sam Alexander, Dr. Lawrence S. Moss, Dr. Jack Stecher
Jul 26 @ 09:00 EDT - Jul 26 @ 10:20 EDT
In-person session
Testing 49 different forms of Cumulative Prospect Theory
Ms. Meichai Chen, Michel Regenwetter, Ms. Emily Line, Ms. Ying Guo
Model fit using sheaves
Brett Jefferson
Non-trivial predictive asymmetries among decision models and where they come from
Keishi Nomura, Kensuke Okada
Modeling response heaping for the feeling thermometer ratings with mixture models
Ms. Yui Furukawa, Kensuke Okada