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Learning new categories for natural objects
Ms. Wanling Zou
Dr. Sudeep Bhatia
The influence of learning context on response times: A reinforcement learning sequential sampling model analysis
Dr. Laura Fontanesi
Jorg Rieskamp
Recovering human category structure across development using sparse judgments
Pablo Leon Villagra
Christopher Lucas
Isaac Ehrlich
Daphna Buchsbaum
Co-occurrence statistics can explain the development of early taxonomic links
Dr. Hyungwook Yim
Dr. Olivera Savic
Ms. Alexandria Barkhimer
Dr. Vladimir Sloutsky
Prof. Simon Dennis
Comparing Markov and quantum random walk models of categorization decisions
Mr. Gunnar Epping
Dr. Jerome Busemeyer
The effect of economic incentives on the learning of novel categories
Pam Osborn Popp
Prof. Ben Newell
Dan Bartels
Todd Gureckis