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Formal analysis

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A representation theorem for finite best-worst random utility models
Hans Colonius
Measures of the degree of contextuality and noncontextuality
Dr. Ehtibar N. Dzhafarov
Dr. Janne Kujala
Víctor Hernando Cervantes Botero
Extending Knowledge Space Theory to contingent information with bitstring semantics
Mr. Wai Wong
Prof. Joost Vennekens
Prof. Walter Schaeken
Prof. Lorenz Demey
A hierarchical approach to measuring contextuality
Víctor Hernando Cervantes Botero
Dr. Ehtibar N. Dzhafarov
Revisiting the connection between the Luce’s choice rule and signal detection theory
Maria Robinson
Prof. Timothy Brady
Edward Vul
Isabella DeStefano
Advances in Valence-Weighted Distance: merging probability weighting with the Sharma-Mittal family of entropies
Mikaela Akrenius