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at Virtual MathPsych/ICCM 2021

Risk taking
Jun 29 @ 20:00 EDT - Jul 01 @ 19:59 EDT
Private session
Has a live component
A Bayesian method for measuring risk propensity in the Balloon Analogue Risk Task
Jeff Coon, Michael Lee
Exploring dual-process models of the Balloon Analogue Risk Task
Ran Zhou, Prof. Jay I. Myung, Mark Pitt
When a gain becomes a loss: The effect of wealth predictions on financial decisions
Jennifer Trueblood, Dr. Abigail Sussman
The role of reward and punishment learning in externalizing adolescents: A joint generative model of traits and behavior
Mr. Nathaniel Haines, Dr. Avantika Mathur, Dr. Brandon Turner, Theodore Beauchaine, Dr. James Blair
Process model analysis for a gamble lottery task
Mario Fific, Cara Kneeland, Prof. Joe Houpt
Statistical methodology
Jun 30 @ 20:00 EDT - Jul 02 @ 19:59 EDT
Private session
Has a live component
Decisions about equivalence: A comparison of TOST, HDI-ROPE, and the Bayes factor
Ravi Selker, Maximilian Linde, Jorge Tendeiro, Eric-Jan Wagenmakers, Don van Ravenzwaaij
What is intentional binding measuring?
Laura Saad, Julien Musolino, Prof. Pernille Hemmer
An integrated measure of model complexity
J. Manuel Villarreal, Alexander John Etz, Michael Lee
Adaptive Design Optimization for the Mnemonic Similarity Task
J. Manuel Villarreal, Dr. Craig Stark, Dr. Shauna Stark, Michael Lee
Jul 01 @ 20:00 EDT - Jul 05 @ 19:59 EDT
Private session
Has a live component
Response time modelling reveals evidence for multiple, distinct sources of moral decision caution
Milan Andrejević, Mr. Joshua White, Daniel Feuerriegel, Simon Laham, Stefan Bode
Context-dependent choice and evaluation in real-world consumer behavior
Dr. Ross Otto, Mx. Sean Devine, Dr. Aaron Bornstein, Dr. Kenway Louie
A rational account of the repulsion effect
Rahul Bhui, Ms. Yang Xiang
Perceiving a pandemic: global-local incompatibility and COVID-19 superspreading events
Stephen Broomell, Patrick Kane
A model of decision making under alcohol intoxication
Sara McMullin, Denis McCarthy, Prof. Clintin Davis-Stober
Modeling preference reversals between intertemporal choice and pricing
Peter Kvam, Ms. Konstantina Sokratous
Jul 04 @ 20:00 EDT - Jul 06 @ 19:59 EDT
Private session
Has a live component
Evaluating parameter recovery of subject level parameters in the memory measurement model framework
Jan Göttmann, Dr. Gidon Frischkorn, Anna-Lena Schubert, Klaus Oberauer
Another approximation of the first-passage time densities for the Ratcliff diffusion decision model
Mr. Kendal Foster, Dr. Henrik Singmann
Parameter agreement and sources of disagreement across the Bayesian and frequentist MPT multiverse
Dr. Henrik Singmann, Prof. Beatrice Kuhlmann, Dr. Julia Groß
Errors-in-variables regression analysis to investigate unconscious mental processes
Simone Malejka, Miguel A. Vadillo, Zoltán Dienes, David R. Shanks
PyBEAM: A Bayesian approach to parameter inference for a wide class of binary evidence accumulation models.
Matt Murrow, Dr. Bill Holmes
Using recurrence quantification analysis to evaluate goodness of fit of decision sequences
Dr. Leslie Blaha, Erin N McCormick, Cleotilde (Coty) Gonzalez
Formal analysis
Jul 05 @ 20:00 EDT - Jul 07 @ 19:59 EDT
Private session
Has a live component
Measures of the degree of contextuality and noncontextuality
Dr. Ehtibar N. Dzhafarov, Dr. Janne Kujala, Víctor Hernando Cervantes Botero
Extending Knowledge Space Theory to contingent information with bitstring semantics
Mr. Wai Wong, Prof. Joost Vennekens, Prof. Walter Schaeken, Prof. Lorenz Demey
A hierarchical approach to measuring contextuality
Víctor Hernando Cervantes Botero, Dr. Ehtibar N. Dzhafarov
Revisiting the connection between the Luce’s choice rule and signal detection theory
Maria Robinson, Prof. Timothy Brady, Edward Vul, Isabella DeStefano
Advances in Valence-Weighted Distance: merging probability weighting with the Sharma-Mittal family of entropies
Mikaela Akrenius
Time series
Jul 06 @ 20:00 EDT - Jul 08 @ 19:59 EDT
Private session
Has a live component
Explaining task-switching behavior using evidence accumulation models
Lori Mahoney, Prof. Joe Houpt, Ion Juvina
Cognitive models of sequential choice in the optimal stopping task
Erin Bugbee, Chase McDonald, Erin N McCormick, Joshua Fiechter, Christian Lebiere, Dr. Leslie Blaha, Cleotilde (Coty) Gonzalez
Mixing process and descriptive runners in the race model of response inhibition: a hybrid approach to the stop-signal paradigm
Charlotte Coosje Tanis, Andrew Heathcote, Mr. Mark Zrubka, Dr. Dora Matzke
Quantifying sources of within-subject variance across different behavioural tasks
Dr. Marlou Perquin, Prof. Tobias Heed, Prof. Christoph Kayser
A model of timing in simple anticipatory decisions
Ms. Konstantina Sokratous, Peter Kvam, Guy Hawkins
Evidence accumulation or reinforcement learning? Modeling sequential decision-making in the “observe or bet” task
Dr. Beth Baribault, Ms. Manon Ironside, Dr. Sheri Johnson, Anne Collins
Jul 07 @ 20:00 EDT - Jul 09 @ 19:59 EDT
Private session
Has a live component
A hierarchical Bayesian model of the continuous performance task
Ms. Yiyang Chen, Nicholas Breitborde, Mario Peruggia, Trisha Van Zandt
Measuring event-order memory with a ranking task
Dr. Richard Chechile, Giulia Pintea
A computational model of the IEDS task helps shed light on attention shifting in clinical groups
Dr. James Yearsley
Comparing eyewitness identification procedures with information-theory measures
Jeffrey Starns, Andrew Cohen, Caren Rotello