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Response time modelling reveals evidence for multiple, distinct sources of moral decision caution
Milan Andrejević
Mr. Joshua White
Daniel Feuerriegel
Simon Laham
Stefan Bode
Context-dependent choice and evaluation in real-world consumer behavior
Dr. Ross Otto
Mx. Sean Devine
Dr. Aaron Bornstein
Dr. Kenway Louie
A rational account of the repulsion effect
Rahul Bhui
Ms. Yang Xiang
Perceiving a pandemic: global-local incompatibility and COVID-19 superspreading events
Stephen Broomell
Patrick Kane
A model of decision making under alcohol intoxication
Sara McMullin
Denis McCarthy
Prof. Clintin Davis-Stober
Modeling preference reversals between intertemporal choice and pricing
Dr. Peter Kvam
Konstantina Sokratous