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Evaluating parameter recovery of subject level parameters in the memory measurement model framework
Jan Göttmann
Dr. Gidon Frischkorn
Anna-Lena Schubert
Klaus Oberauer
Another approximation of the first-passage time densities for the Ratcliff diffusion decision model
Mr. Kendal Foster
Dr. Henrik Singmann
Parameter agreement and sources of disagreement across the Bayesian and frequentist MPT multiverse
Dr. Henrik Singmann
Prof. Beatrice Kuhlmann
Dr. Julia Groß
Errors-in-variables regression analysis to investigate unconscious mental processes
Simone Malejka
Miguel A. Vadillo
Zoltán Dienes
David R. Shanks
PyBEAM: A Bayesian approach to parameter inference for a wide class of binary evidence accumulation models.
Matt Murrow
Prof. Bill Holmes