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Systems factorial technology

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The influence of dual-task load on redundant signal processes
Dr. Elizabeth Fox
Dr. Zach Howard
Prof. Cheng-Ta Yang
Hao-Lun Fu
Dr. Kanthika Latthirun
Ashley Cook
Generalized assessment functions based on Grice representations
Prof. Joe Houpt
Cara Kneeland
If Linda was a square grid: the conjunction fallacy in the psycho-physical domain
Prince Kouassi
Dr. James Yearsley
Prof. Emmanuel Pothos
Inter-relationship of categorization and decision in a two-stage paradigm
Dr. Yanjun Liu
James T. Townsend
Aerobic fitness is associated with resilience capacity for faster decisions in young adults
Hao-Lun Fu
Prof. Shih-Chun Kao
Chun-Hao Wang
Prof. Cheng-Ta Yang