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Attention and perception

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Nonlinear probability weighting can reflect attentional biases in sequential sampling
Dr. Veronika Zilker
Thorsten Pachur
The quest for simplicity in human learning
Mr. Matthew Galdo
Vladimir Sloutsky
Dr. Brandon Turner
Using observer models to formalize the mechanisms underlying face perception biases in depression
Fabian Soto
Mr. Jason Hays
Dr. Christopher Beevers
Interactive attention to amount and time information in intertemporal choice
Dr. Lisheng He
Dr. Sudeep Bhatia
The influence of the place value system on symbolic number perception in a ruler task
Yvonne Oberholzer
Marcus Lindskog
Benjamin Scheibehenne
Dynamic criteria in duration discrimination tasks: An alternative to the scalar property of time perception?
Berenice López-Casal
Rocio Alcala-Quintana