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ICCM: Architectures

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The structured mind at rest: Evidence for the “Common Model of Cognition” in resting state fMRI
Dr. Catherine Sibert
Prof. Andrea Stocco
Holly Hake
Toward undifferentiated cognitive models
Dr. Colin Kupitz
Aaron Eberhart
Daniel Schmidt
Christopher Adam Stevens
Dr. Cogan Shimizu
Prof. Pascal Hitzler
Dario Salvucci
Dr. Benji Maruyama
Dr. Chris Myers
Inferring a cognitive architecture from multi-task neuroimaging data: A data-driven test of the common model of cognition using granger causality
Holly Hake
Dr. Catherine Sibert
Prof. Andrea Stocco
Individual differences in decision making strategies can be predicted by resting-state functional connectivity
Cher Yang
Prof. Andrea Stocco
Dr. Catherine Sibert