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Double Exponential
at Virtual MathPsych/ICCM 2021

ICCM: Learning
Jul 03 @ 10:00 EDT - Jul 05 @ 11:00 EDT
Public session
Has a live component
ICCM: Learning Q&A
Sampling heuristics for active function learning
Rebekah Gelpi, Nayan Saxena, George Lifchits, Daphna Buchsbaum, Christopher Lucas
Learning reference biases from language input: a cognitive modelling approach
Abigail Toth, Dr. Niels Taatgen, Jacolien van Rij, Prof. Petra Hendriks
Computationally rational reinforcement learning: modeling the influence of policy and representation complexity
Mr. Zeming Fang, Dr. Chris R. Sims
ICCM: Memory
Jul 03 @ 11:00 EDT - Jul 05 @ 12:00 EDT
Public session
Has a live component
ICCM: Memory Q&A
An ACT-R model of order effects
Dr. Christopher Fisher, Dr. Lorraine Borghetti, Prof. Joe Houpt, Christopher Adam Stevens
Competence assessment by stimulus matching: an application of GOMS to assess chunks in memory
Mrs. Hadeel Ismail, Prof. Peter Cheng
The algebra of cognitive states: Towards modelling the serial position curve
Dr. Stefan Reimann
ICCM: Space
Jul 04 @ 10:00 EDT - Jul 06 @ 11:00 EDT
Public session
Has a live component
ICCM: Space Q&A
Predicting spatial belief reasoning: comparing cognitive and AI models
Mr. Johannes Mannhardt, Dr. Leandra Bucher, Mr. Daniel Brand, Marco Ragni
Cognitive modelling of a mental rotation task using a generalized spatial framework
Kai Preuss, Nele Russwinkel
ICCM: Interaction
Jul 04 @ 11:00 EDT - Jul 06 @ 12:00 EDT
Public session
Has a live component
ICCM: Interaction Q&A
Using cognitive agents to design dynamic task allocation systems
Dr. Christopher Fisher, Mary Frame, Christopher Adam Stevens
Understanding human social communication: a computational model of gossip
Jeungmin Lee, Dr. Jerald D. Kralik, Jaeseung Jeong
Attitudinal polarization on social networks: A cognitive architecture perspective
Mark Orr, Prof. Andrea Stocco, Christian Lebiere, Don Morrison
ICCM: Bodies
Jul 05 @ 10:00 EDT - Jul 07 @ 11:00 EDT
Public session
Has a live component
ICCM: Bodies Q&A
Simulating human periodic tapping and implications for cognitive models
Mr. Pierre Gianferrara, Shawn Betts, Daniel Bothell, Dr. John Anderson
Model-based explanation of feedback effects in syllogistic reasoning
Mr. Daniel Brand, Mr. Nicolas Riesterer, Marco Ragni
Physio-cognitive modeling: explaining the effects of caffeine on fatigue
Dr. Tim Halverson, Dr. Chris Myers, Dr. Jeffery Gearhart, Dr. Matthew Linakis, Dr. Glenn Gunzelmann
ICCM: Individuals
Jul 05 @ 11:00 EDT - Jul 07 @ 12:00 EDT
Public session
Has a live component
ICCM: Individuals Q&A
When do you buy? Predicting an individual’s decision in optimal stopping problems
Mr. Manuel Guth, Marco Ragni
Estimating individual differences in working memory through ACT-R modeling and resting state connectivity
Patrick Rice, Prof. Andrea Stocco
ICCM: Poster session
Jul 06 @ 10:00 EDT - Jul 08 @ 12:00 EDT
Public session
Has a live component
Timing and structure of reward information influences bias in perceptual decisions as revealed by a hierarchical drift diffusion model
Dr. Manisha Chawla, Prof. Krishna Miyapuram
A cognitive computational model of collective search with social information
Sabina J. Sloman, Dr. Robert Goldstone, Prof. Cleotilde (Coty) Gonzalez
On disjunctions and the weak completion semantics
Islam Hamada, Steffen Hölldobler
Utilizing ACT-R to investigate interactions between working memory and visuospatial attention while driving
Moritz Held, Dr. Jelmer Borst, Dr. Anirudh Unni, Prof. Jochem Rieger
Simulating proficiency and exposure effects on cross-language structural priming in simultaneous bilinguals
Mr. Yung Han Khoe, Gerrit Jan Kootstra, Prof. Rob Schoonen, Stefan Frank
Criticality perception in dynamic traffic scenarios: an ACT-R model
Noémi Földes-Cappellotto, Moritz Held, Martin Baumann, Ms. Tanja Stoll
How much context is helpful for noun and verb acquisition?
Raquel G. Alhama, Caroline Rowland, Evan Kidd
Individualizing a biomathematical fatigue model with attention data
Dr. Bella Veksler, Dr. Megan Brianne Morris, Dr. Glenn Gunzelmann
A drift-diffusion model to explain vehicle deceleration detection of vulnerable road users
Daniel Trommler, Claudia Ackermann, Josef Krems
Lessons learned from modelling situated cognitive agents interacting with a dynamic environment
Lukas Seiling, Maximilian Plitt, Paul Schweidler, Oliver Klückmann, Lilian Befort-Trier, Robin Konczir, Severin Reuter, Kai Preuss, Sebastian Wiese, Nele Russwinkel
Towards benchmarking cognitive models: A Python library for modular environment specification and partial model generation in ACT-R
Dr. Emmanuelle Dietz, Oliver Klaproth
Parameter correlations in the predictive performance equation: Implications and solutions
Michael Collins, Florian Sense, Michael Krusmark, Joshua Fiechter, Tiffany (Jastrzembski) Myers
Modeling phishing susceptibility as decisions from experience
Dr. Edward Cranford, Kuldeep Singh, Palvi Aggarwal, Prof. Cleotilde (Coty) Gonzalez, Christian Lebiere
Sequential effects in non-sequential tasks
Nidhi Banavar, Michael Lee, Dr. Aaron Bornstein
Diverse experience leads to improved adaptation: An experiment with a cognitive model of learning
Chase McDonald, Prof. Cleotilde (Coty) Gonzalez, Dr. Leslie Blaha, Christian Lebiere, Joshua Fiechter, Erin Bugbee, Dr. Erin McCormick
Collective intelligence as latent imagination
Amit Singh
Applications of information theory to perceptual independence and separability
Mikaela Akrenius
ICCM: Architectures
Jul 07 @ 10:00 EDT - Jul 09 @ 11:00 EDT
Public session
Has a live component
ICCM: Architectures Q&A
Toward undifferentiated cognitive models
Dr. Colin Kupitz, Aaron Eberhart, Daniel Schmidt, Christopher Adam Stevens, Dr. Cogan Shimizu, Prof. Pascal Hitzler, Dario Salvucci, Dr. Benji Maruyama, Dr. Chris Myers
ICCM: Processes
Jul 07 @ 11:00 EDT - Jul 09 @ 12:00 EDT
Public session
Has a live component
ICCM: Processes Q&A
A hidden semi-markov model classifier for strategy detection in multiplication problem solving
Leendert Van Maanen, Mr. Ernö Groeneweg, Dr. Kim Archambeau
Covering strategy changes: From System 1 to System 2 in syllogistic reasoning
Ms. Evelyn Wiens, Dr. Alice Ping Ping Tse, Marco Ragni
Validating and refining cognitive process models using probabilistic graphical models
Laura Hiatt, Connor Brooks, Greg Trafton