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ICCM: Poster session

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Timing and structure of reward information influences bias in perceptual decisions as revealed by a hierarchical drift diffusion model
Dr. Manisha Chawla
Prof. Krishna Miyapuram
Parameter correlations in the predictive performance equation: Implications and solutions
Michael Collins
Florian Sense
Michael Krusmark
Joshua Fiechter
Tiffany (Jastrzembski) Myers
Applications of information theory to perceptual independence and separability
Mikaela Akrenius
A predictive processing implementation of the common model of cognition
Dr. Alex Ororbia
Dr. Mary Kelly
Prediction advantage as retrieval interference: an ACT-R model of processing possessive pronouns
Umesh Patil
Sol Lago
Collective intelligence as latent imagination
Amit Singh
Derivation of metric scales from ordinal data with Guttman-Goode’s scaling
Dr. Vithor Franco
Structure learning as a mechanism for overharvesting
Nora Harhen
Dr. Aaron Bornstein
Diverse experience leads to improved adaptation: An experiment with a cognitive model of learning
Chase McDonald
Prof. Cleotilde (Coty) Gonzalez
Dr. Leslie Blaha
Christian Lebiere
Joshua Fiechter
Erin Bugbee
Dr. Erin McCormick
Sequential effects in non-sequential tasks
Nidhi Banavar
Michael Lee
Dr. Aaron Bornstein
Modeling phishing susceptibility as decisions from experience
Dr. Edward Cranford
Kuldeep Singh
Palvi Aggarwal
Prof. Cleotilde (Coty) Gonzalez
Christian Lebiere
Towards benchmarking cognitive models: A Python library for modular environment specification and partial model generation in ACT-R
Dr. Emmanuelle Dietz
Oliver Klaproth
Exploring the decision component of the Activation-Decision-Construction-Action Theory for gain and loss facing scenarios
Dr. Tei Laine
Dr. Tomi Silander
Lessons learned from modelling situated cognitive agents interacting with a dynamic environment
Lukas Seiling
Maximilian Plitt
Paul Schweidler
Oliver Klückmann
Lilian Befort-Trier
Robin Konczir
Severin Reuter
Kai Preuss
Sebastian Wiese
Nele Russwinkel
A drift-diffusion model to explain vehicle deceleration detection of vulnerable road users
Daniel Trommler
Claudia Ackermann
Josef Krems
Individualizing a biomathematical fatigue model with attention data
Dr. Bella Veksler
Dr. Megan Brianne Morris
Dr. Glenn Gunzelmann
How much context is helpful for noun and verb acquisition?
Raquel G. Alhama
Caroline Rowland
Evan Kidd
Criticality perception in dynamic traffic scenarios: an ACT-R model
Noémi Földes-Cappellotto
Moritz Held
Martin Baumann
Ms. Tanja Stoll
Simulating proficiency and exposure effects on cross-language structural priming in simultaneous bilinguals
Mr. Yung Han Khoe
Gerrit Jan Kootstra
Prof. Rob Schoonen
Stefan Frank
Utilizing ACT-R to investigate interactions between working memory and visuospatial attention while driving
Moritz Held
Dr. Jelmer Borst
Dr. Anirudh Unni
Prof. Jochem Rieger
On disjunctions and the weak completion semantics
Islam Hamada
Steffen Hölldobler
A cognitive computational model of collective search with social information
Sabina J. Sloman
Dr. Robert Goldstone
Prof. Cleotilde (Coty) Gonzalez
People are insensitive to within-category feature correlations in categorization
Florian Seitz
Dr. Jana Jarecki
Jorg Rieskamp