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Evidence accumulation

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Linear ballistic accumulator models of confidence and response time.
Ms. Haomin Chen
Prof. Andrew Heathcote
Dr. Jim Sauer
Matt Palmer
Dr. Adam Osth
EZ-CDM: easy estimation of circular diffusion model parameters
Mr. Hasan Qarehdaghi
Dr. Jamal Amani Rad
Open system model of choice and response time
Mr. Gunnar Epping
Dr. Peter Kvam
Tim Pleskac
Dr. Jerome Busemeyer
Defining one's boundaries: Exploration of the decision threshold parameter space during a reward maximisation task.
Mr. Erik Stuchlý
Gaurav Malhotra
Casimir Ludwig
Race Levy-Brownian model: An evidence accumulation model with both Levy flight and diffusion properties
Amir Hosein Hadian Rasanan
Dr. Nathan J Evans
Dr. Jamal Amani Rad
fddm: an R package for fitting the Ratcliff diffusion decision model
Mr. Kendal Foster
Dr. Henrik Singmann
Timing during gaps in the stimulus: A drift-diffusion analysis
Jason Zwicker
Prof. Elliot Ludvig
M. Francois Rivest